Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Stretch- Task #20

The fact that the next task is about Youtube is excellent timing. Just yesterday, I was helping an older gentleman with a question and the solution involved Youtube.

Originally, he was looking for lyrics to old time country and western songs (Ernest Tubb, circa about the 1950's) as well as other artists that might have sung the songs as well. The problem arose when he wanted to hear the songs before he decided to download them. Most of the music sites either cost money to download or only had samples of the most current songs. Usually both.

I steered him over to Youtube, because it's a safe bet that enough music aficianados are on the site and upload variations of the song, even if it's only for backgrounds to thier own clips. He searched for "Filipino Baby" and found a version, sung by "Cowboy" Copas, that he liked.

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