Thursday, July 16, 2009

Task #19

This was much easier than the last one.

The following is the document that I created:

There's a blog I go to on a regular Basis called "This Why You're Fat".

People can send in examples of the most over-the-top food dishes ever seen. Stuff like the Pizzaburger, which consists of a hamburger the size of a manhole cover served between two whole pizzas. Or, a model of Stonehenge, done with Kielbasa, standing on a field of baked beans. And, below you have the ultimate:

The 30,000 Calorie Sandwich

Sandwich filled with ground beef, bacon, corn dogs, ham, pastrami, roast beef, bratwurst, braunschweiger and turkey, topped with fried mushrooms, onion rings, swiss/provolone/cheddar/feta/parmesan cheeses, lettuce and butter on a loaf white bread.

Pretty cool.

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