Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Method #12

Overall, I enjoyed the Texas Two-Step program. Some of the tasks were things that I had never seen before (Tagging), while others were things that I had seen and had never thought about (Cloud Computing, IM). And finally, there were things that had been covered previously (Flickr, Youtube), but that I found out new things about.

I would definitely take a follow-up course, but I honestly couldn't say what the follow-up course would cover. For one thing, software and applications change so rapidly that who knows what's going to be popular and necessary in a few years from now. After all, think about how many things that were on the list that didn't exist until a few years ago. And, think about what might possibly pop up in the next few years to come.

One follow up program possibility is the same list that we've already reviewed (Podcasts, wiki, youtube, etc.), but geared specifically towards libraries, their applications of these services (Podcasts towards learning ESL, Youtube "Round-Robin" broadcasts reviewing books, etc.) and their success, failures and improvements.