Monday, October 26, 2009

Task #10

The wiki task was the easiest (so far) of them all. Logging in was a piece of cake and the editing process is very straightforward. For my favorite blog, I posted a link to "Next Big Future", a science blog that looks at new technology and ground-breaking experiments. And, as a bonus, I contributed another entry, this time to the favorite movie section. I chose Casablanca, Drunken Master II and Blues Brothers and did a small blurb about each of them. These are not my favorites so much as being some of my favorites. But, If I posted my entire list of favorites, it wouldn't be a top three, it would be a top twenty. Or more.

Finally, I realize that I've mentioned the possibility of "Cyber-Vandalism" before, but with the Wiki format, it becomes a tangible possibility. While entering my entry in the movie section, I accidentally deleted the first two words of the next entry. I retyped it and fixed it, but that demonstrated how easy it is to mess with or remove something you don't agree with. Even Wikipedia has been having some problems along these lines. If we do use this at the libraries, we will have to be very carefull about who gets access and how much they get.

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  1. Hi there - just wanted to add a quick comment about your cyber-vandalism concern with wikis. You are completely correct that this is an issue/concern with wikis. However, one protectiona against information being completely lost to cyber-vandalism is that *most* wiki software allows the administrator the ability to view the changes that were made at each visit and by each person who logged in and also usually allows the administrator to "roll back" or "restore" to a previous version of the page before certain changes took effect. Still, it is up to the administrator (and other users of that wiki) to be vigilant about incorrect information and/or vandalism on a wiki. If no one is paying attention and/or if access to a wiki is completely uncontrolled, then things can definitely get out of hand if cyber vandals decide to strike. Thanks for raising that concern. Best wishes, Naomi